Learn Russian | 10 common Russian superstitions.

Since childhood, I heard from my grandmother “Do not whistle at home!” otherwise there will be no money. When I was saying too much when sharing good news, I could hear “Knock on wood”. When I was little, I was sure that all these superstitions were the rules of life and all should follow them. What was my shock when I went abroad and made some friends around the world who didn’t stick to these rules , they didn’t even hear about them.

And now 10 the most common superstitions in the Russian culture.

1. It is risky to wear inside out clothes.                                                

According to superstition, if you put on an item of clothing inside out there is a high probability that you will be beaten. Nevertheless if this happens, you should immediately get dressed in the right way and ask someone to beat your back – this symbolic gesture should save you from a real fight.

2. Leave a mess for 1 day.

After someone has left the house on a long journey, their room and their things should not be cleaned up until they have arrived, or at least a day has passed if there are guests in a house.

3. Make sure that your bouquet has an odd number of flowers.

Otherwise, you will put the woman you are trying to cheer up or impress in a bad mood since Russians bring flowers in even numbers only to cemeteries. 

4. Be careful with salt

Try to not spill salt, otherwise it could lead to an argument. In case this happens you should throw a pinch of the spilled salt over your left shoulder and then everything should turn out just fine.

5. Take a sit before to leave.

Before leaving for a long journey, travelers and, all those who are seeing them off, must sit for a moment in silence before leaving the house. It is often conveniently written off as a time to sit and think of anything one may have forgotten. Another version of the superstition states that the traveler must sit for a moment on or beside their suitcase.

6. If your nose itches.

Well, if a Russian has itchy nose, there can be two reasons, or he will be drinking soon or will be fighting soon. Russians have never being never afraid of vodka, but in order to avoid a fight, person would ask someone to slightly touch his nose with a wrist.This way he can avoid a real fight.

7. Do not eat food off of a knife.

Doing so will make you a cruel person.

8. Better don’t come back.

Returning home for forgotten things is a bad omen. It is better to leave it behind, but if returning is necessary, you should look in the mirror before leaving the house again. Otherwise the journey will be bad.

9. No broken or chipped china at home.

Russians believe keeping broken dishes means keeping bad fortune. Such dishes represent incompleteness and keeping them in the house can lead to trouble.

10. Step on my foot, please.

If one person accidentally steps on another person’s foot, it is common for the person who was stepped on to lightly step on the foot of the person who stepped first. It is said that they thus avoid a future conflict.

 It’s just cultural aspects that bring charm and sparkle to Russian life, rather than strong beliefs that you are obliged to follow.

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