Learn Russian | Artist of modern Russia Pokras Lampas

He has been called the king of futuristic calligraphy at the age of 26. His name is in the Guinness Book of Records, and his works cost several thousand dollars and are exhibited in the best galleries around the world. Today, global brands are lining up to create joint projects with him.

Pokras Lampas from the city of Korolev, near Moscow. At the age of 14 he started to be interested in graffiti. He started to draw tags behind the garages himself using a spray. After the 9th grade, Lampas decides to go to college and study as an economy, but he quitted after a year. Lampas believes that people of creative professions do not need a diploma, they are hired by the portfolio. Pokras Lampas has always been self-taught, and all his work is a complete improvisation. Today, his work can be seen in the best galleries of modern art in Dubai, Hong Kong, Geneva, New York, Miami and Paris. The cost of one Lampas painting ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000. About 30 of his works are sold throughout the year, not counting the various art objects and performances that he creates for famous brands. He gained worldwide popularity in 2015 due to work on the roof of the Red October in Moscow. At that time, it was the largest calligraphic drawing in the world – the height of a 22-story building. Its creation took 2 days and 730 liters of paint. 

After that, Lampas got offers from all over the world. He has already managed to work with companies such as Nike, Leviʼs, Adidas, Lamborghini, Pirelli and many others. 

For Pirelli, the artist used quotes of 11 celebrities close to the company’s activities to compose unique fingerprints from these phrases, which eventually turned into bright art objects. The talent and popularity of Lampas became a reason for cooperation with major museums. This year, the Tretyakov Gallery installed an artist’s installation on the facade of the building, dedicated to the work of Vasily Vereshchagin. A hidden message was encrypted in it, 18 words about the legendary painter. His works can be seen just walking along the streets of different cities. 

One of the artist’s recently created large art objects can be found in the center of St. Petersburg. A work the size of  five-story building is called DUALISM and is dedicated to the duality of perception of contemporary art. The real name of the artist is Arseny Pyzhenkov. Pen name appeared the he started to paint“Pokras” is a word often used by writers when they wanted to go to paint something. And “lampas” was just an ironic rhyme to the first word.

While conflicts between different countries are increasingly occurring in the world, Pokras Lampas, in his works, seeks to show the harmony of world cultures through “united writing”. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in many art objects of the artist you can find a combination of incompatible languages ​​and fonts, for example Cyrillic and Arabic script, Japanese characters, Gothic and modern typography. Lampas believes that his work should inspire people to find balance through the knowledge of different cultures.

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