Learn Russian | How to say I love you in Russian

The most common phrase we use is  Я тебя люблю. Literal translation is I love you. Sometimes the words I love you can fall short of what you actually want to say. Then we can say Я тебя обoжаю. Means I adore you.  Or  you can say  Люблю тебя всем сердцем. What means I love you from the bottom of my heart. 

Sometimes we want to say our loved ones how much they mean to us, they are valuable to us and that we owe them everything, right. We can say Ты многое для меня значишь. Literal translation is You mean so much to me. By saying this you mean that you don’t take them for granted. You know their worth and you sharing it with them. 

If you are one of those who finds it too difficult to express feelings or you just want to take it easy, so you can say Ты мне нравишься , means I like you.

     Another phrase you can use Таких как ты нет  means There is no other. That means you partner is unique, interesting personality. 

     Another way to say I love you is  Я в тебя влюблена (влюблен). Literal translation is I’m in love with you.

     Isn’t that really magical to say something like that to someone? These phrases really have some sort of power and you make your loved ones feel so good about themself.

 Now lets take a look at few more. Меня тянет к тебе means I’m drawn to you. That means your partner is attractive and you  are attracted to him or her.

     Sometimes we think that we meant to be together we were supposed to be together and you want to tell them that you are soulmates Мы родственные души means We’re soul mates. 

Another phrase you can use is Ты меня приворожил / ты меня приворожила Its not used very often cause it sounds a little dramatic and magical. Ты меня приворожила I can think anything else but you.

     Now lets take a look at this one Я влюбился(ась) в тебя means I’ve got a crush on you.

    There is so many ways to tell I love you in Russian .Do not forget to say it. Words of love are pleasant not only to hear but also to say. I advice everyone of you right now to choose any love phrase you like and say it to your partner. Wish you all to meet your real love!

Here is the link to the video lesson :

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