Learn Russian | What to start with?

The thing with learning Russian or with any goal or desire we have in life, is that we spend a lot of time thinking about what we want and talking about what we want, but way less time actually doing anything to get us towards that goal. So, it’s very important to go straight to the point. If you decided to learn Russian, you have to look up for ways how to make it happen. 

     But, please, don’t spend too much time on thinking about learning Russian or planning on learning Russian, because it’s the same as doing nothing. Your plans are just organizes thoughts.  

     So, after you have taken decision to learn Russian you need to take some steps towards your goal. If you are still at collage, check it out if they have Russian course you can take or you can search for Russian teacher in your town and schedule your first lesson. Or you can look for lessons on-line. Good option is to Learn Russian with Olga at . I offer Russian lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels via Skype. 

    If you cannot afford teacher or course at the moment, you can do it by yourself using free sources: books from the library, Internet. There is a lot of free sources on-line you can find. Unfortunately, free information is scattered all over the Internet, it only ever gives you a single part of the puzzle and you never get well-structured complete system.

  However, don’t forget you already learnt language at least one, if you are reading this article. So, you can start from basics by learning Cyrillic Alphabet. Next, learn the sounds they make. Don’t avoid learning grammar, it’s very important. Practice using every rule you learnt. Make your own examples for each rule. 

      Remember learning a new language can’t be determined by time, it’s down to the individual. You and a friend could start learning Russian today. You might be able to grasp it in like 6 months, your friend in a year, even if you guys had the same amount of lessons and poured in the same amount of time. You might be good at speaking and listening, but poor at reading and writing, while your friend is vice versa. Don’t beat yourself up if things aren’t sinking in as fast as you want and definitely don’t give up. Take time out of everyday, even if it’s only like 20 minutes to learn or go over what you’ve already done.

    If you are learning second language by yourself consider the social situations that you are likely to encounter in the new foreign environment. Break these social situations into units or group of lessons. Then choose the vocabulary and grammar needed to achieve fluency in those specific social situations. 

It helps tremendously to have some audio recordings available so that you can hear the sounds of the language. If you have no native speakers available or if money is a problem, either inexpensive recordings or even using a program such as Google Translate is better than nothing. I hope now you have an idea how to approach Russian language.

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