Train your brain like your body | Learn Russian

Nowadays we all know how important is to train your body, that we need to exercise for our heart health, we need to swimmer our spine, we need to do squats for nice picture for instagram. Very often while following fashion, we forgot about our brain. Everybody knows that with age our memory is getting worst and ability to learn goes down.

    Professors of Harvard University have good news for us.They say: “Your brain has the ability to learn and grow as you age — a process called brain plasticity — but for it to do so, you have to train it on a regular basis”.

    If you are embracing a new form activity such as painting, drawing, learning an instrument, learning a foreign language, doing expressive or autobiographical writings you are improve cognitive function.

   Even if you are young and still you didn’t notice any age related changes in your brain.It’s better to start work on it now. Because all of us through the years are doing the same routing jobs, mastering the same skills year after year, and some parts of our brain shrink while not been used. Therefore, it is better to start working on your mind as early as possible.

    You can start now to learn how to paint. First of all it will provides you stress relief, painting boosts memory recollection skills and works to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization and implementation. You will have less chance of developing memory loss illnesses as they age.

  Painting promotes critical thinking, too. An artist must think conceptually to bring multiple solutions to life while painting.Motor skills also improve when a person picks up painting as a hobby. Dexterously handling a paintbrush increases mobility in the hands and fingers.  While painting might not contribute much to physical fitness, the cognitive benefits to overall health are incredibly valuable. Now it is clear that painting builds strong mental health in individuals of every age.

     Learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power. At the same time music helps you to decrease level of stress and keeps you calm. 

     Expressive writing is a great tool as well. It creates an awareness of your thoughts, positive or negative, and separates you from them. It helps you to deal with phycological problems, helps to lower the stress.

     Learning foreign language helps improve your thinking skills and memory abilities. Because the language centers in the brain are so flexible, learning a second language can develop new areas of your mind and strengthen your brain’s natural ability to focus. It helps with ignoring distractions to stay focused, switching attention willfully from one thing to another and holding information in mind. Learning another language is one of the most effective and practical ways to increase intelligence, keep your mind sharp, and buffer your brain against aging.

    Great option for you to workout your brain will be Learn Russian with Olga at .

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