Learn Russian | 10 Russian habits

Each nation has its own characteristics. Russian speaking people have numerous amount of unique characteristics.

  1. Disputes for any reason. Russian people like to argue, for us its not the way to find a truth it’s more like a mental exercise. Very often, those who argue forget the original topic of the dispute, lose the thread of conversation.
  2. To fight, and then drink vodka together and literally fall in love with a recent rival – this is our way. Fighting is the highest form of resolving interpersonal conflicts. 

3.  To dress up without special occasion. Really Russian girls love to look beautiful and they don’t wait for graduation party or wedding to wear nice dress and high hills. Very often you can see girls running to university, or to work, or to shop wearing high hills and skirts in Russia. Russian fashionistas are not interested in comfort, just the way it looks.

4.  Let’s take a seat before to go. It might sound weird, but when the bags are already packed, we usually pause to calmly sit a minute before the trip. Many people do not like this tradition, considering it a relic of paganism, but this “minute” gives you a chance to take a breath after packing and rushing. Also religious people can take a minute to pray before the trip.

5.   Talking long toasts. Before drinking it is customary to give a toast, most often the right to give a toast is granted to everyone at the table until alcohol is over.

6.   To give a full answer to the question “how are you?”. If you would  ask Russian person: “How are you?”, get ready to hear everything what happened for past few days and some highlights from life of people you don’t even know.

7. We do not smile at strangers. This is even somehow strange for us. If a stranger smiles at you, this is hardly good, but rather the opposite. Sincere smiles are for friends, relatives and loved ones.

8. New Year is the main winter holiday in Russia. Gifts we are buying for the New Year. Christmas is celebrated by far fewer people, and much more modest. This is a consequence of decades of Soviet power, which in every possible way belittled a religious holiday. Before the revolution in Russia, Christmas was much more important than the New Year.

9. Never visit without a gift.  If you are going to visit somebody, you should definitely bring something. It can be cake, or chocolate, or bottle of wine. To come empty-handed is disrespect to the owners.

10. To celebrate New Year twice. The Old New Year is celebrated on January 14. According to the old, Julian calendar, it’s December 31, which means that the Old New Year is the actual New Year – just old style. Since all religious holidays were banned in the Soviet Union, the only big-deal winter holiday that Russians had left was the New Year’s.

Of course, the culture of modern world is changing at an incredible speed. But some national features remain unchanged.

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