Why is Russian so hard to learn?

“These letters are so strange and frightening at the same time. And the way they sound reminding me of the buzzing of a fly tangled in a web. 

I got confused among the cases, suffixes and prefixes like that fly in the web”. 

I have heard such complaints millions of times (of course said less romantic).

Based on my own experience, or rather, on the progress of my students, I’ll say Russian is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to change a few  principles of learning the language.

1. Accept that mistakes are inevitable, we learn from them. 

2. Schedule lessons correctly. It is important to alternate days of active study and rest days. In the same way as we take a break from physical training, we give our muscles the opportunity to relax and recover, we take a break to let our brain to process all the information we received. Don’t let yourself to be exhausted by daily lessons for a month and then to have complete lack of interest in learning.

3. We must break our global goal into small sub-goals. For example, after 3 years I want to speak Russian at C1 level. This is an achievable goal. But you can get lost on the way to it. 3 years is a long time, so we break this goal into small ones. For example, after 3 months I will know the alphabet, read fluently and can support a simple conversation. 

Remember that your goals in learning a language must be realistic. By setting goals too high, you risk do not reach it, being disappointed in yourself and completely stop learning a language. 

4. Before you start learning a foreign language, I strongly advise you to fall in love with it. Ask yourself: “What do I associate Russian with? Is it still a Russian doll, Vodka and a bear. Or may be its a football club, Olympic Games, beautiful Russian women or beautiful cities. What is your why power to learn Russian? And write it down, so in moments of despair, when you will think to quite, you will be able to refresh why did you start it on a first place.

5.   Stop to use methods and materials, that do not work for you. Not every textbook is perfect for everybody. Search for the textbook that will meet all your requirements You must have a variety of language learning methods. You can watch movies, series, listen to audiobooks use different training programs and phone applications. If you do not like the textbook or movie, do not force yourself to engage using this material.

6. Lack of communication practice with a native speaker. A great opportunity to chat with native speaker and learn Russian at the same time is to take Skype lessons and online courses at :

7. Lack of self-confidence never helps. Many people begin to learn Russian and immediately declare that it is incredibly difficult to learn the language, and they will never be able to master it. Everyone can learn a foreign language. You need to believe in yourself, not be afraid of mistakes and devote more time to practice.

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